Docker in Visual Studio Code

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What for Docker here; statistics and Azure ML?

When create experiments no everything is going well and you need to debug.
If it is about a deep learning, convulsive neural networks or just an experiment that require AKS clusters then the recommended option is to run your buggy experiment in a container on Docker and then send back to cloud into AKS cluster.

Good news is that Visual Studio code make our life easier.

Initial steps:The extension can scaffold Docker files for most popular development languages (C#, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go, and Java) and customizes the generated Docker files accordingly.

The app has to be set into set into the folder
Docker/Node.js steps:
Open a terminal (command prompt in VS code) and install express (Node.js)
>npx express-generator
>npm install

Open Command Palette and

  • Generate Docker file
Command Palette and type:
>Docker: Add Docker Files to Workspace command
If image selected is node.js then:
- before doing this install node, yo can do it in terminal (VS code)
- you may get an error: "No package .json found on workspace"

Open a terminal and run:
>npm init
Now I assume the "Docker: Add Docker Files to Workspace" command works.

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