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Purpose: Create intelligent apps is to enable users to ask questions using natural language and receive appropriate answers. Replacement for FAQ section/publications
There is similarity between Question Answering& Language understanding. First output is an answer, the second output is an action. Input and flow are exactly the same.
The two services are in fact complementary. You can build comprehensive natural language solutions that combine conversational language understanding models and question answering knowledge bases.
To create a question answering solution use:
  • SDK
  • define knowledge base
  • train
  • publishe
To start use Language Studio
  1. Create a Language resource in your Azure subscription.
    • Enable the question answering feature.
    • Create or select an Azure Cognitive Search resource to host the knowledge base index.
  2. In Language Studio, select the Language resource and create a Custom question answering project.
  3. Name the knowledge base.
  4. Add one or more data sources to populate the knowledge base:
    • URLs for web pages containing FAQs.
    • Files containing structured text from which questions and answers can be derived.
    • Pre-defined chit-chat datasets that include common conversational questions and responses in a specified style.
  5. Create the knowledge base and edit question and answer pairs in the portal.
Consider multi-turn conversation (ask more info before providing an answer).
  1. Test
  2. Deploy
  3. Usethe created knowledge base.
    Question and Answer are both in JSON format.
  4. Active learning
    • Implicit feedback
      Service identifies user-provided questions that have multiple, similarly scored matches in the knowledge base.
      These are automatically clustered as alternate phrase suggestions for the possible answers that you can accept or reject in the Suggestions page for your knowledge base in Language Studio
    • Explicit feedback
      When developing a client application you can control the number of possible question matches returned for the user's input by specifying the top parameter (no of possible answer to be provided)
  5. Define synonyms
    Question answering service can find an appropriate answer regardless of which term an individual customer uses (ie. booking - reservation)
Question answering bot
A bot is a conversational application that enables users to interact using natural language through one or more channels, such as email, web chat, voice messaging, or social media platform such as Microsoft Teams.
Language Studio provides the option to easily create a bot that runs in the Azure Bot Service based on your knowledge base.
Language Studio ->deploy the bot -> use the Create Bot button to create a bot in your Azure subscription.
(You can then edit and customize your bot in the Azure portal)

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